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Wonderful Tulips

Date Posted: 22/06/2016

Tulips are easily one of the most recognized and beloved flowers. Their unique shape and multiple meanings make this cheerful bud an excellent choice when sending flowers. Meaning Much like the rose, the meaning of a tulip varies depending on the colour of the bud. The general tulip is a symbo..

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Cymbidium Orchids - they're back!!

Date Posted: 19/05/2016

We love these stunning long lasting flowers and they are right back in season. As New Zealand is one of the world's leading growers we can buy cymbidium orchids fresh from the flower market three times a week from May through to November. Colours range from green, white, pink and yell..

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Devonport Business Association iPad Competition Winners!

Date Posted: 28/09/2014

Competition Winners! Congratulations to Kathy Gent and Gillian Day, winners of the Devonport Business Association iPad competition 'Shop Locally'.  We are particularly excited as Kathy entered the competition at Devonport Flowers, and also that our little shop returned the second highest ..

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